From Rajinikanth to Anupam Kher, Narendra Modi was congratulated on becoming PM for the third time.

Anupam Kher said that all three times the prime minister is the same

Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India for the third consecutive time. He took oath on June 9 in the premises of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Apart from him, 71 MPs from BJP and its allied parties also took oath as ministers. Now everyone from Ajay Devgn to Anil Kapoor has congratulated PM Narendra Modi.

Posting on X, Ajay Devgn wrote, “Congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his re-election. Our prayers are with you to make India successful and prosperous with your wisdom and greatness in the future as well.” Rishabh Shetty wrote, “Congratulations to Narendra Modi on taking charge as Prime Minister of India for the third time. We appreciate your dedication to development, education and national security.”

Anupam Kher congratulated

Anupam Kher congratulated PM Modi in an interview. He said, “The Prime Minister has run the country well in the last 10 years. I hope that the new government under the leadership of PM will take the country forward. We are the fifth largest economy in the world and can move towards becoming the third largest economy. I thank those who have invited me to the ceremony.”

Rajinikanth also participated

While leaving Chennai from Delhi, Rajinikanth congratulated PM Modi. He said, “I am going to participate in the swearing-in ceremony. This is a very historic moment. Taking office for the third time in a row is a great achievement of Narendra Modi. Congratulations to him. “People have elected a strong opposition which is a healthy sign for democracy.”

shared experience

Apart from this, Anupam had earlier shared a poster on Instagram and shared his experience of attending the function. He assumed the post before taking oath. He wrote, “As a citizen of India, this will be my third opportunity to participate in the swearing-in ceremony. This is definitely special. But the biggest and special thing is that the prime minister of all three times is the same. The dialogue will be the same this evening. I am Narendra Damodardas Modi, Jai Ho! Jai Hind!”


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