Free Solar Rooftop Yojana Registration: Installed Solar Panel Free, by filling this form

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Free Solar Rooftop Yojana Registration: Prime minister Narendra Modi ji was announced about the launch of the free solar rooftop scheme, after which this scheme has been started and millions of citizens will benefit from this scheme. The free solar rooftop scheme will mainly offer subsidy and benefits to the citizens.

Free Solar Rooftop Yojana Apply Online

In the present day too, there are many areas which still have power problems, and on the other hand, many people are worried about electricity bills. This free solar rooftop scheme is going to be a useful proposition for both types of people. To benefit from this scheme, a citizen should have complete information about the scheme as soon as you have read this article to the end of the year, and you will be able to take advantage of it.

Free Solar Rooftop Yojana Registration Online

The free solar roof scheme has been launched by the central government and all citizens who will be able to complete the registration process and will be eligible to get a subsidy on buying the solar panel will need to offer a subsidy ranging from Rs 30000 to Rs 78000. Different types of subsidies will be given for different types of solar systems.

The government of India has started a free solar rooftop scheme called the PM surya ghar free power scheme. And rooftop solar panels on one crore households will be deployed through this scheme. Any citizen who is going to install solar systems because of this scheme is getting up to 300 units of electricity per month free.

How to apply for a free solar rooftop scheme?

  • For an application for the free solar rooftop scheme, the PMS has to be registered at the surya ghar free power plan portal.
  • Information to be asked is now to be selected.
  • Now click on the login option to get login done.
  • Now click on the option related to application form to open the application form and then submit the form.
  • Now you have to wait for the supply to be available to the discom to install the solar plant after it has been found.
  • Now all information related to the plant has to be filled and net meter has to be applied.
  • Now the signing certificate will be given to you after some time.
  • We have to wait a few days and the subsidy will be sent to the bank account.

Eligibility for free solar rooftop scheme Application

The government of India lays down the terms and conditions for each scheme and must check eligibility to avail the scheme only if it is implemented :-

  • The applicant for availing the scheme must be an Indian citizen.
  • The age of a citizen must be 18 years or more.
  • A citizen must have a power connection.
  • Citizen should have his own bank account as well. symposium
  • The subsidy available will be available only if the solar rooftop systems are purchased.
  • The citizen should have a ‘aadhaar card’ and any other documents as needed.

Benefits of free solar rooftop scheme 2024

  • The solar rooftop system will be installed on the roof of the house without much space to be installed.
  • When a solar panel is installed a sufficient amount of electricity will be generated as the coal comes in addition to solar energy.
  • It has often been found that electricity is curbed due to the problem of coal shortage, but it will not be so now as easily electricity generated from solar energy can be used.
  • Subsidy will be available for easy installation of solar systems at lower prices.
  • Electricity generated by solar energy will not cause extreme harm to the environment and will not have a very harmful effect on our health.
  • 300 units of power will be saved up to Rs. 18000 per month on receipt of free.
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