For the first time the hero and heroine of the same film won the election together, after 13 years Kangana Ranaut-Chirag Paswan will meet in Parliament.

Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan did a film together 13 years ago

The Lok Sabha Election 2024 results are out on June 4. There was a huge uproar in the film corridor regarding these elections. Many showbiz stars contested the elections. Hema Malini, Kangana Ranaut and Arun Govil have registered big wins from their seats. Kangana Ranaut has made a bang entry into politics after winning from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. While on one hand Kangana is making many headlines after her victory, on the other hand the hero of her film released 13 years ago has also won from her seat. This is none other than Chirag Paswan.

Lok Jan Shakti Party president Chirag Paswan’s party contested on 5 seats and won all of them. In fact, this time Chirag Paswan contested from Hajipur in Bihar, where he won by a landslide. Now you must be thinking that many other stars have also contested and won from their respective seats, so why are we only mentioning Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan. The reason is the film.

Now Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan will meet in Parliament

Both Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan hail from the film world. He had also acted in the same film 13 years ago. The name of the film was ‘Mile Na Mile Hum’. This was Chirag Paswan’s first film. The film was directed by Tanveer Khan. Apart from Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswas, it also featured Neeru Bajwa and Sagarika Ghatge. Chirag Paswan’s debut film flopped badly at the box office.

After this he turned to politics. Contested and won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Jamui in Bihar. Of course, Chirag Paswan’s Bollywood entry may have been a flop, but his pairing with Kangana Ranaut was much loved. In fact, this is happening for the first time, when both the hero and heroine of the same film have won elections together from their respective seats.

What was the story of the film?

The story of ‘Mile Na Mile Hum’ released in 2013 revolves around the character of Chirag. Who wants to be a tennis player. In the film, his mother hated tennis. Parents divorce. Also, he does not get any support from his family. Then Anishka (Kangana Ranaut) enters his life. The story of the film is shown between love and career.


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