Flights are getting delayed due to ribbons on luggage, what is the matter?

In today’s era, the number of air passengers has increased a lot. The need for air travel is increasing day by day. Air travel is one of the most time-saving ways to travel domestically and internationally. Indigo Airlines is the most profitable airline in our country. Flights depart from Mumbai Airport every two to two and a half minutes. But a recent case of a similar looking trolley bag has created a lot of stir among air travelers. If I tell you that this unique trolley bag is causing flight delays, will you believe me? So let’s know what the matter is…

Air travel has brought the world closer. Air travel is now being preferred even for domestic travel. So the pace of life has increased a lot. But for this flight we have to reach the airport two hours before the security check. After complete check-in you can board your flight. But recently the popular wheeled trolley bag has started delaying flights. Passengers waiting for their luggage after landing at the airport. But it is not available immediately and due to this the flight schedule is getting disrupted. Why is this happening? There is a different reason for this.

It is because of such things that confusion arises

Trolley bags have the same size and often the same color. So plane Some passengers are tying ribbons on their bags as an identification mark so that they can immediately identify their luggage or their bags after landing at the airport. By tying these ribbons or bands, passengers have started recognizing their bags immediately from similar looking trolley bags, but this has created a different problem for the security systems. This is increasing the time taken by passengers to get their luggage. This is because modern scanners do not automatically check the bags because passengers put tags and ribbons on their bags to identify them immediately. The scanning machine does not check these bags considering them as something different. Therefore, security personnel have to check these tagged bags manually. This has led to the delay in getting the luggage of the plane. Officials at Dublin Airport in Ireland said that for the scanner to work automatically, passengers not only need to attach external tags or ribbons to the bag, but also have to remove the stickers beforehand so as not to confuse the scanning machine.


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