Five things about Kalki 2898 AD trailer that costs Rs. 600 crore film can backfire

These five things make you unhappy with ‘Kalki 2898 AD’

On the evening of June 10, the makers of ‘Kalki 2898’ AD released the trailer of the film. The makers have made such a trailer that after watching it one does not want to watch anything else. Below you will find the answer to why we are saying this. Apart from Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Disha Patni, Bengali actor Shaswat Chatterjee and some other actors are seen in the trailer.

This film was a craze for a long time. So much craze that it seemed like when its trailer came out we would get to see something we haven’t seen before. But after watching the trailer, some issues came up, which made one think that those issues might not overshadow the film. The film is directed by Nag Ashwin. According to the report, the budget of this film is 600 crore rupees. However, in the trailer of the film, the talk of 600 crore rupees is not visible. Let’s understand through the points.

  • Aging in Prabhas’ character

Whenever a movie or its trailer comes out, one thing is sure to be discussed that what new thing the hero has done this time, what innovation is seen in his character. Although Prabhas’ character may or may not have something new, there is definitely something old about it. Start with ‘Baahubali’ and go from ‘Saaho’ to ‘Adipurush’ and ‘Saalar’. Prabhas looks the same every time. Same heavy body, same heavy voice. Whatever the character, Prabhas’ manner of playing that character has not changed. From ‘Baahubali’ to ‘Saalar’ there was nothing new in her performance and neither was there anything new in the trailer of ‘Kalki’. Well, not many questions are worth raising until the film releases. Now we have to wait for the release of the film.

  • Bad vfx

People from South create a lot of craze in the name of VFX. Whatever the movie is. VFX in there films is also similar. Or we can say no VFX at all. Because, here the makers try to hide their bad VFX somehow. If you don’t believe me, watch the 3 minute 3 second trailer of Kalki. You will find the same color effect throughout the trailer. Not only that, if you pay attention in the trailer, you will understand that the makers have tried to cover up the bad VFX by blurring the lights.

  • Confusion just confusion

According to me, trailer means that after watching it, you get some idea about the story and about the film. However, watching this trailer blew my mind. This trailer has raised so many questions that after watching it I feel like saying what did you see? Find out what caused the confusion. Who is Supreme Yaskin? Who is the child growing in Deepika’s womb? What are the three Prabhas doing together, is this a technology or a triple role of Prabhas? If Prabhas is the hero of the film why is he helping the villain (Shaswat Chatterjee)? Who is the real villain of the film? Many questions, not a single answer.

  • Technology

Technology is also used in this story. However, like the VFX, the makers haven’t bothered to work too hard on the technology. The makers had created such a hype about Bujji that it seemed that the technology would also be shown in the film. will be shown on a large scale. But looking at the trailer, it doesn’t seem like anything like that will happen in the film. In the name of technology there is a Bujji (car) in the trailer. Three Prabhas are shown. However, it is not certain whether this is a technology of 2898 or a triple role of Prabhas. The trailer uses the words ‘a million’ and ‘unit’ at one place. After hearing this word something sounds like technology. But why was the word used in the trailer, in what context? This did not go my way.

  • Cheap dialogues and cheap humour

In this trailer, Prabhas looks tough at some places and cheap humor is seen in his character at other places. Their humor is not laughable, it only creates confusion as to whether these are two Prabhas or one. Does he have a double role in this film? Now when the thought of a double role comes to mind, all three Prabhas are seen together. It took years of hard work to make this film. But looking at the trailer, it seems that some effort should have been made on Prabhas’ dialogues as well. He has delivered two dialogues which sound very cheap. First Dialogue- Check the record, I have never lost till date. Second Dialogue: There is only one side in the world, our own side.


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