Fire will rain from the sky again in Bihar! Severe heat and heat wave warning in these districts

Once again severe heat is affecting the people in Bihar, the information about this has been released by the Meteorological Department. According to IMD, most districts of Bihar will witness intense heat and heat wave for the next 3-4 days. Meanwhile, the department has declared heat alert in most districts of the state. The Meteorological Department has advised people to spend most of their time indoors to avoid the heatwave.

Even as the monsoon is set to arrive in Bihar, the people of the state may face scorching heat before that. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon may enter the state between June 13-16. However, people are panicking in many districts including the capital these days. Due to scorching heat, the number of heat stroke patients in the hospital is also increasing day by day.

Alert in which districts

The maximum temperature in the capital Patna is about 6 degrees above normal, the people of Patna are facing extreme heat for the last 3 days. On Sunday, 12 districts of the state were in the grip of extreme heat and heatwave. Apart from Patna, Nalanda, Gaya, Bhojpur, Gaya, Banka, Sheikhpura, Begusrai, Saran, Siwan, Maghpur, Gopalganj, Vaishali, Sheikhpura, Lakhisarai are likely to experience severe heat.

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning

The Meteorological Department has warned that during the heat wave, all people should stay indoors from 12 noon to 3 am and step out only for essential work. It is also advised to keep the body hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water. Wear light colored loose and cotton clothes before going to Dhoom. Be sure to use an umbrella, glasses and a hat before going out in the sun. People who are traveling should carry water and avoid working in the sun.

The Meteorological Department said that in such weather people should not include those items in their diet which dehydrate the body. It also includes alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. In such a situation high protein food and stale food should be avoided. A heat wave can lead to physical stress, the consequences of which can be serious.


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