Father, please bring Scorpio…if not found he drank poison, killing his only son.

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Can Scorpio’s stubbornness cost someone their life? If you think that this cannot happen, know that one such case has come to light in Sodang village of Ujjain. In which a young man ate a poisonous substance without finding a scorpion. When his health deteriorated, his family took him to the hospital, but the young man’s condition remained critical. Due to which the doctors could not save him and he died during the treatment.

19-year-old Abhishek’s father Dharmendra Anjana, who lives in Sodang village of Bhairavgarh police station area, was crazy about the new Scorpio, his father Dharmendra got him the bike for around Rs 3.30 lakh a few months ago but he has bought the car. A few days passed when Abhishek started insisting on buying a new Scorpio car. Dharmendra could not fulfill his stubbornness to buy a Scorpio car, that’s why he refused to buy a Scorpio for his son. Abhishek felt so bad about this that he consumed a poisonous substance due to which his health deteriorated. ASI Omprakash Malviya of Bhairavgarh police station said that Abhishek died during treatment. The statement of the deceased Abhishek has been taken in this case but now the statement of his family members is also being taken.

Used to fulfill every wish

When Abhishek’s father Dhiraj Anjana was spoken to about this, he said that Abhishek was his only son whom he loved very much. A few months ago he also gave her a new bike. But, despite getting the bike, Abhishek was not happy and kept pressuring his father to get a new Scorpio. It was for this reason that gradually he was denied the car, which led him to take this step out of anger.

The bike accident happened twice

It is said that Dharmendra took good care of Anja’s deceased Abhishek and fulfilled his every wish. But a few days ago, Dharmendra scolded his son Abhishek for taking Scorpio. After this rebuke, he tried to end his life by swallowing poison. Some relatives said that Dharmendra did not want to buy Abhishek a Scorpio as he was too young. Recently, Abhishek has been a victim of two bike accidents.


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