Fadnavis’ political preparations, who will be the new face of Maharashtra BJP?

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BJP has gained a lot of momentum in the Maharashtra Lok Sabha elections. Assembly elections will be held within a few months after the Lok Sabha elections. So Mahayuthil has to introspect. The Maratha community has a large population in the state. In view of this, Vinod Tawde, who is currently holding the charge of BJP National Secretary, can be brought to the political level of Maharashtra by the central leadership of the party.

Maharashtra BJP is facing heavy defeat in the recently held Lok Sabha elections. Mahayutila would have been able to claim more than 45 Jaganchas. But they got only 17 seats. With 23 seats, BJP got only 9 seats. Or BJP will have to face the resentment of the Maratha youth due to the Maratha reservation movement in the elections.

Defeat of Pankaja Munde

Pankaja Munde, daughter of late BJP leader Gopinath Munde, faced defeat in the elections. Mahadev, a Dhanagar leader close to Pankaja Munde, is shocked to learn of his defeat. Parbhanitun came to give him the ticket. There is a big shock in BJP or both places.

There was talk that OBC leader Eknath Khads left BJP and joined nationalism and rejoined BJP. But it still hasn’t happened that way. That is why he should have been reprimanded for this. BJP’s failure to handle the matter.

Maharashtra assembly elections will be held in four months. Devendra Fadnavis, the face of BJP in Maharashtra, has expressed his desire to resign from the current charge of Deputy Chief Minister due to failure in the Lok Sabha elections. They have to concentrate fully while preparing for assembly elections. He said.

The re-education of the Maratha, OBC, SC and ST communities has given the BJP a major electoral blow. Maratha reservation agitator Manoj Jarange Patil’s bitterness towards Fadnavis is well known.

Apart from this only the Marathi speaking community will be upset with Fadnavis. If regional parties like the Shiv Sena and the Nationalist Congress had accused him of being fodder, many would have been enraged. There are many reasons why he lost so many lives. BJP wins only one seat in Nagpur whenever Devendra Fadnavis comes from Vidarbha. It is because of the work done by Nitin Gadkari. Got a lot of fame in Congress here.

Vinod Tawde is the center’s first choice

Discussions have started on which face can follow Devendra Fadnavis. BJP has a new face in the upcoming assembly elections. In this, BJP National Secretary Vinod Tawde could be the Centre’s first choice. After senior BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, Vinod Tawde is the first Maharashtra leader to become a national icon.

Vinod Tawde has proved to be a swatla in the last few years. He would have been given the responsibility of being in charge of Bihar and Haryana. He proved it. He has shown your political maturity. Vinod Tawde has had a good experience coming to Delhi politics. They automatically belong to the Maratha community. That is why Maharashtra BJP needs him the most right now.

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