Fact Check: Is Singer Sonu Nigam angry with Ayodhya residents? Know the truth behind viral tweets

Sonu Nigam’s tweet is going viral Image Credit Source: Social Media

The Samajwadi Party has won the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh, not the BJP. After the grand Ram temple was built in Ayodhya, almost everyone assumed that this Faizabad seat would be in the name of BJP. But BJP’s Lallu Singh, who has been MP from Faizabad for a long time, lost and Samajwadi Party’s Awadhesh Prasad won there. After this defeat of BJP, a tweet of Sonu Nigam is going viral on social media. In this tweet, Sonu has targeted the people of Ayodhya saying “This is shameful…” But the truth of this tweet is something else.

This tweet from the Twitter handle of Sonu Nigam is not of singer Sonu Nigam but of a lawyer named ‘Sonu Nigam’ living in Bihar. In this tweet, this lawyer named Sonu Nigam scolded the people of Ayodhya and wrote that the government that made the whole Ayodhya shine, gave a new airport, railway station, built the Ram temple after 500 years, has ruined the whole Ayodhya. Created the economy of the temple. That party will have to struggle on the Ayodhya seat. Ayodhya residents are shameful.

Confusion due to blue ticks

After reading this tweet, everyone assumed that this is the verified Twitter handle of Singer Sonu Nigam and he has tweeted this. Blue tick on profile confused everyone. Many media portals also gave news about this. People were trolling singer Sonu Nigam after reading this news. But actually this famous country singer has no account on micro blogging site X i.e. Twitter. He is only active on Instagram and Facebook.


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