Exit Poll Results 2024 Date: When will the exit polls be announced? What are the 7 places that have caught the attention of the country?

The seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha elections will be held on June 1. The voting process of the Lok Sabha elections will end as soon as this phase is completed. After this, the result of the Lok Sabha will be declared on June 4. Who will get the majority in this election? Who will come to power? Who will remain out of power? This is going to become clear. The picture will become clear by 4 pm on June 4. If there is a close contest, the election results can be declared early next day. After that, political developments will accelerate. Movements will begin towards establishing power.

Although the results of the Lok Sabha elections will be announced on June 4, the exit polls will be announced beforehand. So one can roughly guess what the picture of the Lok Sabha elections will be. That is why everyone is waiting for the exit polls. So what are these exit polls? When do they announce it? Here are the highlights


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