Everyone Does, Why Don’t You…, When Sameera Reddy Faced The Pressure Of Breast Surgery

Sameera Reddy tackles body shaming

In today’s film industry, it has become necessary for an actress to look slim and trim. When it comes to any actress, an image comes to mind that the actress must be like this. Many actresses also undergo surgery for this, so that they can live up to the definition of an actress. Many face body shaming in the industry. Something similar happened to Sameera Reddy. She is often seen expressing her views on this.

Actress Samira Reddy who is known for films like ‘Musafir’, ‘Race’, ‘Maine Dil Tuzko Diya’ now has a good number of followers on Instagram. But when she first took to social media, people advised her to put on a filter. But she is an actress who believes in reality. She doesn’t hesitate to show her gray hair or her real body, which is normal. Recently he remembered the early days of his career. She said that some people pressured her when she was at the peak of her career.

Said this

She said, “I was on the path to success in my career. When I was pressured to undergo breast surgery. Many people kept saying, Sameera, everyone is doing it, why not you? But I didn’t want any such change in myself. It looks like you are hiding a flaw, but it is not a flaw, it is a way of life. I won’t judge anyone who wants to get plastic surgery and botox, but do what’s right for me. That is to keep oneself good from within.”

Looked 38 at age 40

Sameera said she is happier with her current body than her 36-24-26 figure. She continued, “People used to say that I looked happy and very comfortable now. I looked thin at 28, but at 45 I looked almost the same. When I was 40 I was said to be 38. But I immediately changed it because I was proud to be 40 years old.


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