Ever tried to go with BJP? Secret explosion at Sunil Tatkare’s anniversary event

File photo of Ajit Pawar and Sunil Tatkare

Led by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, the NCP today organised an anniversary function at Shanmukanand Hall in Mumbai. MP Sunil Tatkare spoke at the event. He said, “The Congress party has criticised the NCP in the elections. In 2004, there was not much success in the Lok Sabha. But there was great success in the assembly. Chhagan Bhujbal got the highest number of votes in the assembly. However, Bhujbal could not become the Chief Minister. Ajit Dada was elected with the highest number of votes in Baramati. Sharad Pawar had 7 years of experience as a minister. Then he became the Chief Minister for the first time. Also, Ajit Dada had 7 years of experience. Sunil Tatkare regretted that then the Chief Minister of NCP would have been from the Congress party.

“The discussion of going with the Bharatiya Janata Party was done in 2014. We were going with the BJP in 2016 as well. But Shiv Sena was with the BJP so we could not work with Shiv Sena then. In 2019 too, the NCP had decided to go with the BJP”, Sunil Tatkare revealed.

‘Some people are not able to understand that Ajit Pawar was sitting in the front row’

“After the Lok Sabha elections, Ajit Pawar has accepted the responsibility of the defeat with a big heart. There was a different atmosphere in the country. There was a different atmosphere in the state. The elections were defamed. This made some voters leave us. Although we have won one seat, our workers are not tired. Now we have to face the assembly elections. Some people do not understand that our Ajit Dada was sitting in the front row at the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, Sunil Tatkare said.

“Some people are saying that poverty in Delhi is needed, so I am telling you that I request all my spokespersons not to say anything about space. Neither will the spokespersons of the opposition party say anything. Everyone felt that we should get a place in the cabinet. Some news came in the media. Then it was said that the seat will be given on the basis of numbers. I said, make Praful Patel a minister. I will not put Ajit Dada in trouble”, Sunil Tatkare said.


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