Even after Sandeshkhali, the message of Bengal is the same… Mother, Soil, Manush

Mamta and Abhishek.

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee came to power in 2011 with the slogan ‘Maa, Mati, Manush’, defeating the Left parties that had ruled for 34 years. Even after 13 years, the influence of Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Ma, Mati, Manush’ is still intact in West Bengal. Despite a stiff challenge from the BJP in the 2021 assembly elections, Mamata Banerjee returned to power for the third time and now again in the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is claiming more than 400 seats and more than 35 seats in Bengal. Trinamool Congress won a bumper victory.

The BJP could not even touch the 2019 figures and its number of seats fell drastically. Along with this, the Left has not been able to open its account again in Bengal and the Congress has also reached the margins. The issue of Sandeshawali arose before the Lok Sabha elections. BJP raised the issue of violence against women in Sandeshkhali, but the Sandeshkhali issue had no impact in this election. The Basirhat Lok Sabha seat under which Sandeshkhali falls, the BJP candidate from this seat and the face line of the Sandeshkhali movement did not make any impact, nor did it make any impact in any other Lok Sabha constituency in the state except Sandeshkhali. From Basirhat.

Mamata fielded candidates on all 42 seats

Trinamool Congress had a dispute with the Congress over seat-sharing, despite playing an important role in forming the Bharat Alliance against the BJP before the Lok Sabha elections. Mamata Banerjee refused to give the seats as per the demand of Congress and fielded candidates on all 42 seats. Thus, the Trinamool Congress and other constituents of the Indian alliance, the Congress and the Left contested the elections separately in the state. An agreement was also reached between the Congress and the Left on about a dozen seats.

The Muslim vote is with Mamata, there is no division

Due to the Left and Congress fighting together and taking on the TMC, it was expected that the Muslim vote would be split in the state and the BJP would benefit in some way, but the election results show that the Left, Congress and Trinamool Congress will fight separately even though the Muslim vote has not been split. . Muslims constitute about 27 to 30 percent of the state’s population and Muslim votes are considered crucial for winning many Lok Sabha seats. But it is clear from the election results that Muslim votes are completely in favor of Trinamool Congress. Muslims have openly supported the Trinamool Congress.

The issue of corruption has not been raised against the TMC

During the elections, BJP raised the issue of corruption in the state. From the teacher recruitment scam to the ration scam, BJP, CPI(M) and Congress leaders attacked the Trinamool Congress. Many top TMC leaders are currently in jail on corruption charges. Former education minister Partha Chatterjee is in jail in the teacher recruitment scam case, while former food minister Jyotipriya Mallick is in jail in the ration scam case. In Birbhum, TMC district president Anubrat Mandal is in jail in a cow-trafficking case. Abhishek Banerjee himself and his wife were accused of conniving with leaders involved in the scam. ED interrogated him and his wife Rujira Banerjee. BJP leaders attacked the Trinamool Congress on the issue of corruption during the election campaign, but it is clear from this election that these attacks and the issue of corruption did not affect the results.

There has been no success in implementing the CAA either

A notification regarding CAA was released by the central government before the elections. Its purpose was to try to attract refugees from Bangladesh. This included a promise to grant citizenship to refugees from Bangladesh, but it is clear from the election results that the issue of citizenship to refugees, citizenship to Matua and infiltration has not had much impact. In the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP proved its hold in North Bengal, but in this election, BJP has suffered a blow in North Bengal as well. The BJP made Anant Maharaj, a leader of the dynastic community, an MP in the Rajya Sabha, but the effect was not visible in the Cooch Behar Lok Sabha elections.

Mamta-Abhishek pair did wonders again

In the state, the duo of Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee have maintained their winning streak since the assembly elections. Earlier, TMC had a big lead in the municipal and panchayat elections. Mamata-Abhishek have maintained their winning streak. It is clear from the election results that half of the population (women) and even the youth have openly supported the TMC. Schemes like payment of Rs 1000 per month to women under Lakshmi Bhandar Yojana by Mamata government, scholarship to female students under Kanyashree, increase in old age pension and widow pension were in favor of Mamata and their impact was evident in the election results. .


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