Etawah: Tractor carrying Bhandara prasad, overturns in canal… Bathing child crushed to death

A teenager has died due to suffocation in Uttar Pradesh’s Eta. To get relief from the scorching heat, the children went to bathe in the canal’s Kharja Khal lake. Surprisingly, Bhandara Prasad and other materials fell on Kishore, due to which he was crushed and he lost his life. Based on the complaint of the family members, the police have registered a case of culpable homicide against three names and three unknowns.

Actually Bhagavata Katha was organized for seven days in Piharpura village. The rest of the material, including Bhandara’s Prasad, was dumped by tractors in Kharja. On the last day of the story, a bhandara was organized for the people of ten villages, in which the teenager died after being buried in the prasad material. According to reports, the tractor driver could not see that the children were taking a bath below.

Children were bathing in the canal

Without looking at him, he dumped all the stuff into the canal, burying several teenagers who were bathing there, though somehow they all came out but one child got buried in it and died. Last Wednesday, around six children of the village went to take a bath in the Kharja of the lower Ganga canal in Balrai Police Station area of ​​Jaswantnagar block area of ​​Etawah to get relief from the scorching heat. Ten-year-old Ashish Rajput was also there.

The body was sent for post mortem

The father of the deceased child said that his 10-year-old son Ashish was bathing in the eighth lake of Jhal along with the children of the same village. Then suddenly at around 10 am, Umesh along with his three other companions filled the material for making malpua and the remaining material in his tractor trolley and overturned the malpua and other material on the boys who were bathing in the water. Due to which Ashish died on the spot. Meanwhile, when Puna Devi, who was grazing buffaloes nearby, saw the incident and tried to stop the accused, he abused her and threatened to kill her and fled from the scene.


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