Enmity with Modi is better than friendship, he kills the friends who support him in times of trouble – Match Se War

Even though it is clear that NDA will return to power after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the setback of BJP has shocked many people. Maha Vikas Aghadi has performed well in the state and Bharat Aghadi in the country and the opposition party seems to be getting stronger. On June 8, Modi will take oath as the Prime Minister for the third time and the NDA government will be formed again. Meanwhile, the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena has once again criticized Modi and the BJP. Enmity with people like Modi is more beneficial than friendship. It has been criticized from Saamana that MoD and his vile party destroy the friends who support them in times of crisis. Therefore, a warning has been given that Chandrababu Naidu should be very careful.

What is said in the preamble of the match?

This match is causing a lot of criticism of Modi and BJP. BJP is not a party of sugar and words and Modi is famous for this. Chandrababu and others know that Modi has no connection with Indian civilization and culture, but Babu has also seen many summer and rainy seasons in politics. So he will not do any such act which will harm Indian civilization and democracy. Modi wants to take oath every time, so he will use Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu, but this third ‘Kasam’ will be the fourth issue of Modi-BJP issue. The country is seeing a new script unfolding behind the scenes.

In the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi and his BJP have been defeated. The public has almost thrown them out of power. While facing this challenge, the people have shown their civilization and culture. Modi is taking advantage of this. The Bharatiya Janata Party has not even got a simple majority to form the government. Only its wandering soul seems to be hanging on 240. Still, Modi has thanked the public for giving him the majority. The Lok Sabha results brought Modi down to earth and he said, ‘This is my first election after my mother’s death.’ Well, at last Modi has accepted that he did not fall from the sky, but was born from his mother’s womb like other creatures. Modi has no choice but to say this.

Modi accepted his defeat

Because the mask of his divinity, incarnation and babagiri has been torn by the people in the city of Kashi itself. Now Modi is not forming his own ‘brand’ i.e. Modi Sarka but is forming a ‘Rloa’ government and has accepted his defeat. Yesterday’s results proved to be a rubbish basket of ideas like ‘Modi Sarkar’, ‘Modi Guarantee’, ‘Modi Hai To Mumkin Na Hai’, ‘Modi To Bhagwan Hai’. If Modi forms the government, his image will be a caricature. Modi is walking with Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu’s hunchbacks covered with cloth and plaster on their entire body. He will have to run the government with the support of those hunchbacks. There is no guarantee that these hunchbacks will support him till the end.

This time Modi did not find Ram

It is being said that Modi’s BJP has won 240 seats. There is confusion in this figure too. Declaring 291 as NDA is misleading. That is why even though Modi has taken oath of office in Rashtrapati Bhavan, the majority is only his ‘MA’. Politics will remain mysterious to this extent in the year. Modi does not have his own majority and the majority above the hump does not agree with Modi’s policy. That is why the people of India have very politely given the message to Modi to step down from power. Why do you care? Do not get too carried away and do not embarrass yourself too much, but if Modi and Shah Maha Shayan were not connected by two words ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’, now there is no Modi government, then he announced that NDA government is being formed, if this happens then Modi will have to work on many terms and conditions. Till now Modi was not ready for NDA etc., but the gods of Kashi brought Lord Shrira Maa to the feet of NDA to end his ego. This time Modi was not found. Because Shri Ram is the enemy of Ahanka Ra and he defeated Ahanka Ra and established Ram Mara in Ayodhya. After the campaign ended, Modi started with 10 candidates, but his vote share fell sharply in the race. This is called God’s grace. The 240 seats received by the Bharatiya Janata Party is not a miracle of the ‘Modi’ brand. This figure was achieved with the help of national parties.

Modi held 18 meetings and several road shows in the country. Out of 18, 14 chanted the mantra ‘bhav ja la’. Neither Modi nor Gaipura went there. BJP neither went there nor Gadkari and said Jai Jai. The Bharatiya Janata Party had ‘alleged’ that Shiv Sena was being attacked over Modi’s picture in Maharashtra. This illusion of BJP was destroyed at this time. Nine Kha Sada of Shiv Sena won on the face of Uddhav Thackeray and eight Kha Sada of Nationalist Congress won on the face of Sharad Pawar. In contrast, the number of those chanting ‘Mo Di Mo Di’ in Maharashtra increased from 23 to 9. Maha Vikas Aghadi won 30 seats in that mode.

Enmity with Modi is better than friendship

Instead of making friends with Modi and others, if we make enmity with them, then disaster will happen. It is experienced that Modi and his vile party destroy even their own supporting friends. Because of that Chandra Babu Na Yadu Yan Ni Veri Sa Vadh Ra Hi Le Pa Hi Je. Holding Babu’s finger, BJP has entered Andhra. The plan to finish Babu must have been in their mind. Navi Napatnaik’s Biju Janata Dal has given unconditional support to Modi government for ten years. Ten years have been completed with a new Napatnaik from Odisha and chanting of Biju Janata Dal Sabha. Patna Yak has now gone to Vanava. BJP has done this and that all over the country. BJP is a party which goes to Mithila and Shabda and Modi is famous for those things. Modi’s Indian civilization and culture is not like Chandra Babu and others, but Babu has spent many summers in this state. Because of this he is not doing any such work which will harm Indian civilization and people. When Modi takes oath on these three occasions, the names of Teni Tesh Kumar and Chandra Babu will be used, but this third oath will be the fourth digit of Modi’s oath number. The country is watching the new script of Padma ji.


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