Earthquake in Maharashtra BJP, Mohit Kamboj directly asked the central leadership, what is actually happening?

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Earthquake in Maharashtra BJP, Mohit Kamboj’s direct question to central leadership

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is a very important leader of BJP in Maharashtra. BJP has suffered a crushing defeat in Maharashtra in the Lok Sabha elections. Devendra Fadnavis and BJP have suffered a lot due to this defeat. Therefore, Devendra Fadnavis has requested his party seniors in Delhi in a press conference to relieve him of the responsibility of Deputy Chief Minister to increase the party organization. Devendra Fadnavis has given such a statement that he will directly leave the Maharashtra cabinet. After this statement of his, there has been a big earthquake in Maharashtra BJP. Devendra Fadnavis is being requested by all the senior leaders of BJP not to take such a decision. Meanwhile, BJP leader Mohit Kamboj, who is considered close to Devendra Fadnavis, has directly raised questions on the senior leaders of the party in Delhi.

“BJP Maharashtra and BJP Mumbai need to do a reality check. Mohit Kamboj asked, who is responsible for this entire defeat? He said, “The party lost just because of shortening the line of one person. Mohit Kamboj said, senior BJP leaders and ministers should also take responsibility for the defeat.

Who is the person Mohit Kamboj talking about?

A statement by Mohit Kamboj has a big meaning. He has said that ‘the party has lost just because of shortening the line of one person.’ His statement is likely to be about Thackeray faction leader Uddhav Thackeray. The Lok Sabha elections were the first major elections in Maharashtra after the division of Shiv Sena led by Uddhav Thackeray. BJP has suffered a crushing defeat in this election. That is why Mohit Kamboj is being discussed.

Mangalprabhat Lodha’s appeal to Fadnavis

Meanwhile, BJP leader and minister Mangalprabhat Lodha has also requested Devendra Fadnavis. He said, “We led Maharashtra in the Lok Sabha elections, all our workers got huge support. We have an important role in the current state government. Under his leadership, he has won many elections. This defeat in the Lok Sabha elections is not our responsibility alone, it is our responsibility too. I request you not to resign. Mangalprabhat Lodha has appealed that he should guide all of us by staying in the government and lead the BJP workers.

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