Earlier, Khalistani said, two youths crushed a Sikh youth with a brick in Kaithal, Haryana, when he protested.

Haryana Police

A case of casteism has come to light in Haryana’s Kaithal. Here two miscreants badly beat up a Sikh youth by calling him a Khalistani. The accused picked up a brick from the roadside and beat up the victim badly. With great difficulty a passerby intervened and admitted the victim to the hospital. Where the doctors have kept him under close observation considering his condition. According to doctors, the victim has sustained a serious head injury.

After this incident, a video of the victimized youth is also going viral on social media. In this video, the victim has identified himself as Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Kaithal. He said that on Monday he was walking on the side of the road while on his way to his home. Meanwhile, two youths on a scooter came and tried to provoke him by calling him Khalistani. At first he ignored it. However, the accused chased him and surrounded him from the front.

A fight started on protesting

The accused started fighting with her. They started abusing him by calling him Khalistani. The accused also tried to intimidate him by saying that he had killed before. Frustrated by the actions of the accused, the victim protested when the accused picked up a brick lying on the roadside and started violently assaulting her. It was a good coincidence that a pedestrian reached the spot and intervened with great difficulty to save the life of the victim.

Attacked alleging 1984 riots

After this he was taken to Kaithal Government Hospital. Seeing his serious condition, the doctors admitted him and informed the police. The victim, Sukhwinder Singh, in his statement to the police, has said that the accused assaulted him on the allegation of the 1984 riots. Rahu Raju, who saved Sukhwinder’s life, said that the accused could not be identified. He was attacking a Sikh youth with a brick while talking about the 1984 riots.

Bikram Majithia demanded action against Kangan

According to Sukhivander, he himself does not know the accused. Senior Akali Dal leader Bikram Majithia has tweeted after the video of the victim’s statement surfaced. He has held Kangana Ranaut responsible for this incident. Condemning the incident, he said that this heinous incident took place after BJP MP Kangana Ranaut’s hateful statement. In this case, he has demanded action against the accused as well as action against Kangana. Said the central government should take strict action to target Sikhs outside Punjab.

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