Drug smuggler’s house raided in Punjab, currency notes in three bags, cash worth Rs 2 crore found

Major operation by BSF in Punjab

Border Security Force i.e. BSF has launched a major action against smugglers at Amritsar border in Punjab.. BSF personnel and police have raided the house of the smuggler, where the BSF team has seized 1 crore 97 lakh rupees i.e. about two crore rupees. Meanwhile, police and BSF have also detained two smugglers. Currently, further investigation is going on in this matter.

Police say that the BSF team received intelligence in this matter. Following this, the BSF and Punjab Police jointly launched an operation to nab these smugglers, meanwhile, the BSF team says they received information about a suspected smuggler involved in smuggling drugs across the border. They were told that the accused smuggler had hidden a large amount of drug money in the house, following this, the BSF contacted the police and started raiding the smuggler’s house in the morning.

Traffickers caught in this way

Meanwhile, the BSF launched a search in Kakkar village bordering Amritsar and reached the smuggler’s house. The soldiers were shocked to see the scene there. A team of police and BSF found three bags filled with money kept in different corners of the smuggler’s house. Its price was 1 crore 97 lakh rupees. According to the police, all this money was hidden in the bag. Meanwhile, the police have seized all three bags. Apart from this, two smugglers have also been taken into custody. Currently, further investigation is going on in this matter.


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