Dr. Dhankhar, the prime accused in the Jhunzhunu kidney case was arrested, preparing to escape.

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A doctor accused in the recent kidney incident has been arrested at Dhankhar Hospital in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. The police arrested the accused Dr. Sanjay Khankhar from Gujarat. Police say Dhankhar was trying to escape, but was caught before he could. The victim in this case, Eid Bano, is currently undergoing treatment in Jaipur. The accused doctor was absconding for the last eight days.

Not only is Dr Sanjay Khankhar accused of being careless with patient’s life, when the police registered an FIR and started investigation, a lot of suspicious material was also seized from the hospital, including tampered documents and doctor’s stamps. This also makes it clear that Dr.Khankhar was not only playing with patients’ lives but also manipulating things.

The right kidney is removed in place of the bad kidney

In fact, recently Eid Bano, a resident of Nuan, filed a complaint against Dr. Sanjay Dhankhar for negligence in treatment and removing her right kidney instead of her bad one. After this, a team of five doctors investigated the complaint and it was proved that Dr. Dhankhar was negligent in treatment. Dr. Dhankhar replaced the damaged kidney with another healthy kidney. After this, the health of patient Eid Bano deteriorated. He was also referred immediately. This came to light when Eid Bano was investigated in Jaipur. After the examination, the doctor informed him.

Two cases have been reported

After this matter came to the media, an investigation was started in this matter. Police have registered an FIR and started investigation. After the arrest, Dr. Dhankhar will now be produced in the court. From where he will be brought to police remand. SP Rajarshi Raj Verma said that inquiries will also be made regarding the missing kidney in this case. If the kidney is not disposed of or preserved as per biowaste and organ regulations, these sections will also be added to the case. Apart from this, the section of intentionally endangering life can also be added. The police investigation has also revealed that two cases have been registered against Dhankhar earlier. In the year 2015 and 2016, Dr. A case has been registered against Dhankhar under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code. Currently, the police is investigating the matter.

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