Devendra Fadnavis: Big development in BJP, will Devendra Fadnavis take a big decision today? What is happening behind the scenes? Video

There is a possibility of major developments in Maharashtra BJP today. The results of the Lok Sabha elections were declared two days ago. BJP did not get a majority alone. But the BJP-led NDA has a majority. The strength of the NDA is 292. In this election, BJP had given the slogan of crossing 400. In fact, they got 240 seats. Like Uttar Pradesh, BJP has got great success in Maharashtra too. In 2014 and 2019, more than 40 Mahayuti MPs were elected in Maharashtra. In 2024, the number of Mahagathbandhan is only 17. In this, BJP has got only 9 seats. That is, compared to the last two elections, the performance of BJP is very poor. In this background, some major developments are likely to happen in Maharashtra BJP.

On the second day of the results, a meeting of Maharashtra BJP was held in Mumbai yesterday. The defeat in the state was discussed in this. After this, in a press conference, Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis took responsibility for BJP’s defeat in Maharashtra. According to sources, Devendra Fadnavis will go to Delhi today. It is reported that Fadnavis will go to Delhi today and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. After this meeting, Devendra Fadnavis can take a big decision. Because yesterday itself he had shown his readiness to leave the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

‘As Devendra Fadnavis, I accept the responsibility’

He said, “The responsibility of the defeat is mine. I accept it, I made a mistake myself. BJP suffered a setback. As Devendra Fadnavis, I accept all the responsibility of the defeat in Maharashtra. Now I will have to go to the assembly full time. I am going to request the senior leaders of BJP to relieve me from the government. So I will get a chance to work for the party full time. I will not lose. Devendra Fadnavis had said yesterday that he will enter the fray with full strength.


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