Delhi airport received such e-mail, Air Canada flight had to be stopped, passengers panicked

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There was a commotion at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport late at night after receiving a threat to blow up the plane. The threat was received via e-mail. It said that an Air Canada plane bound for Toronto would be blown up. Information about the e-mail was immediately given to the police. The flight was about to take off when it was stopped immediately. The police investigated the plane. But no explosive material was found there.

Police have registered a case and started investigation. The source of the e-mail is being investigated. Police said the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) office received an email at 10.50 pm on Tuesday. A bomb is said to have been planted in a Delhi-Toronto Air Canada flight. The flight will blow it up as soon as it takes off. Immediately after this, the flight was stopped from taking off. All passengers were removed from the flight. Police investigated the flight following security protocols but found nothing suspicious. Due to which the passengers were also scared.

Such threats have been received earlier as well

This is not the first case. Similarly, last week, a Vistara flight from Paris to Mumbai was carrying 306 passengers and crew and a “handwritten note containing a bomb threat” was found on an airsickness bag.

On Friday, a Vistara flight from Delhi to Srinagar with 177 passengers on board received a mid-air bomb threat. The flight landed safely in Srinagar and all passengers and crew were evacuated.

On Saturday, a bomb threat was received in the Indigo flight from Chennai to Mumbai. Flight 6E 5314 took off from Chennai at around 7 am. It landed at Mumbai airport at around half past nine in the morning. Airport officials immediately swung into action. All passengers were safely disembarked from the aircraft. The entire plane was searched. But nothing suspicious was found.


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