Dating apps, lady love and cheating… Boys are getting scammed in pubs.

Cheating by dating app

Pub owners have opened a new business in Hyderabad, Telangana. It prepares girls for dating. Girls use dating apps to talk to guys and take them to the same pub from where they do business with the pub owners. These pub owners turn a bill of 3500 rupees into 45 thousand rupees.

After going to the pub the pub owners bill the boy who went there which is in thousands. Even boys are surprised to see bills running into thousands. Two boys have become victims of this type of pub. Many people are surprised to see Google reviews.

Dating apps prey on boys

Girls talk to boys on dating apps to lure them. Proposes to meet her at the pub. Boys highly praise the pub. Several such cases have come to light in Hyderabad, where a boy goes with a girl he met on a dating app to a pub recommended by her, where both stay for a while and also drink alcohol. After some time, the manager comes with the bill for staying at the pub and asks to pay 25 thousand rupees. The young man was surprised to see the small liquor bill. People who are upset with such pubs have given reviews on Google against those pubs and demanded action against them. By reviews, it has banned people from visiting this pub.


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