Daljit Kaur’s second husband will take legal action against her, said- take things with you or else…

Daljit Kaur has separated from Nikhil Patel Image Credit Source: Social Media

Daljit Kaur is in the limelight these days due to her ongoing feud with her husband Nikhil Patel. In fact, Daljit, who came to India from Kenya, made several accusations against her second husband on social media a few days ago. While tagging Nikhil in a post, he had even said that he was having an extra-marital affair with a woman. Daljit said Nikhil doesn’t consider me his wife, he says he never married me. Meanwhile, Daljit also said that her son’s books, her own clothes, paintings are all at her second husband’s house in Kenya. Now presenting his side in this whole matter, Nikhil Patel has issued a notice for making false allegations against Daljit.

In the notice sent to Daljit, Nikhil has written that the allegations leveled against him by Daljit are completely false. And they can also take legal action against Daljit for making such false allegations. Henceforth she will not tolerate any kind of harassment from Daljit. And he hopes that after this notice, Daljit will put an end to this farce. And move on with your life.

Nikhil has moved on in his life

In fact even after the allegations made by Daljit Nikhil A statement was also released by In this statement, Nikhil said that he married Daljit in Mumbai as per Indian custom, honoring his parents. But their marriage is not registered in Kenya or anywhere else, making them not legally husband and wife. It was also stated on behalf of Nikhil Patel that the relationship with Daljit ended when he packed his belongings from Kenya and came to Mumbai. And now he has moved on in his life. As for the rest of Daljit’s belongings, for now he has them safe in his store room, Daljit can come and take everything till June. Otherwise they will give it to a charity.


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