Cyclone Remal Impact: Cyclone Remal has claimed the lives of 36 people so far, this state has been affected the most.

Cyclone Remal has hit the coast of West Bengal, causing panic among the people of the surrounding areas. Information is coming out that 36 people have died due to cyclonic storm Remal. The state of Mizoram has been most affected by Cyclone Remal. 29 people have lost their lives in Mizoram itself. Many people have also been injured. Meanwhile, relief teams have so far recovered the bodies of 27 people and the death toll is likely to increase as search and rescue operations are underway in Remal-affected areas. Cyclone Remal has started knocking. This has disrupted daily life. Along with this, electricity and internet services have also been shut down. Many houses have been destroyed on the coast of West Bengal due to heavy rains. Along with this, hundreds of people have had to take shelter in relief camps due to power lines being broken. Mizoram is the worst affected state by Cyclone Remal.


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