‘Country belongs to your father’, Ali Goni rages at trolls on religion

Ali Goni is very active on social mediaImage Credit Source: Social Media

Ali Goni of ‘Laughter Chef’ fame is very active on social media. Be it an IPL match, a reality show or any controversy, Ali always expresses his thoughts openly on the micro blogging site X i.e. Twitter. Ali Goni tweeted about the trend of the recently held Lok Sabha elections. In this tweet, he neither talked about any controversy nor mocked anyone, although a troller tried to troll him by calling him ‘Mullah’ under his tweet. But Ali also gave a proper reply to this tweet.

In fact, Ali wrote in his tweet that both the parties got more than 200 seats this time. Looks like there is going to be a fierce competition between the two. Whoever wins, the only hope is that our country will be better. Jai Hind. Under Ali’s tweet, a troller tried to troll him and wrote, “But mule, why are you looking so happy?” Ali has also given a suitable reply to this tweet.

Ali gave the correct answer

Responding to this troller, Ali asked, “Why is this country your father’s?” Are you the only one happy to see this trend? Faceless brother or sister, whoever you are. Ali Some of his fans have also appreciated this answer. A user wrote that bro you have given correct answer. So a fan replying to this answer of Ali wrote that the way these people bring religion in between and troll others everyday, you would have thought of giving a worse answer. But you have answered correctly within your limits.


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