Countdown has begun, monsoon will hit the country in a few hours, these states will be populated

India Monsoon: This year the heat made us sweat a lot. The heat was a disaster. The hot wind has knocked the coolness this year as well. The mercury broke records in Vidarbha, Khandesh, Marathwada. Citizens are surprised by the heat in Mumbai and surrounding areas. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Now the monsoon has dared to tell. There will be rain in these states in a few hours. According to the southwest monsoon forecast, the monsoon will enter coastal and northeastern Kerala on Thursday, May 30, 2024. There will be rain in many areas.

Rain forecast in 24 hours

By Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) In this, it has been predicted how the picture of monsoon will be in 24 hours on Wednesday. Monsoon will enter South-West Kerala in the next 24 hours. The department has announced that the environment is favorable for it. Earlier on May 15, IMD had claimed that by May 31, monsoon will bring good news to Kerala.

How to detect monsoon early?

According to weather experts, this is the result of cyclone Ramal, which hit West Bengal and Bangladesh on Sunday. The storm pulled the monsoon flow towards the Bay of Bengal. Therefore, the monsoon is entering the northeastern state early. According to the data of the Meteorological Department, Kerala has been receiving heavy rains for the last few days. As a result, more than average rainfall was recorded in May.

When is Anandvarta in North Eastern State?

Due to this change in weather, the cyclone will soon cause floods in the northeastern states. There is a possibility of rain in the northeastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Assam on June 5.

The region also has sugar plantations

During the same period, the IMD has reported that the southwest monsoon is likely to be active over parts of south Arabian Sea, Maldives, Comorin, Lakshadweep, southwest and central Bay of Bengal, northeast Bay of Bengal, northeastern states.

When does the Meteorological Department announce monsoon?

14 centres and adjoining areas in Kerala received rainfall of 2.5 mm or more for two consecutive days. Outgoing longwave radiation reduces. Weather forecast is made when the wind blows towards southwest. Usually IMD declares monsoon over Kerala any time after May 10 based on these developments.


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