Confusion is confusion… The trailer of Prabhas’ Kalki 2898 AD leaves these 5 unanswered questions.

A collage of pictures from the trailer of Kalki

The long awaited film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ directed by Nag Ashwin. Today, on June 10, the makers finally ended the wait for the film’s trailer. Starring Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan and Disha Patni, the film’s blockbuster trailer was released. Within a few minutes, the number of people who watched the trailer reached millions. But even after watching the trailer several times, some questions remained unanswered.

After watching the trailer I got a vague idea of ​​the story. But the trailer has included many such things, leaving many questions unanswered. It cannot be that the makers have deliberately left these questions unanswered for the audience. The trailer is 3 minutes 2 seconds long. But from the end to the beginning, just when you think you understand the plot, something new comes up and confusion begins. Five such questions arose from the trailer, the answers of which will be found only after watching the film.

Who is Supreme Yaskin i.e. the main villain?

The very beginning of the trailer of the film shows that the world has ended, leaving only one city, Kashi, and all its good things stripped away. After this, there is a scene of Bengali actor Shashwat Chatterjee, in which he stands with several armed men. He seems to be saying, “If anything else, it’s complicated. God is One, Supreme Yaskin.” Now the question is who is Supreme Yaskin in the film? It is clear from the scene that Supreme Yaskin is in a negative role, the main villain. The answer to this will be found only after watching the film.

Who is the baby growing in Deepika’s womb?

It was already known about ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ that the film will be based on a mythological story and will also take the help of fiction. Now after the release of the trailer, this has also been proved true. Prabhas plays the lead role in the film, but the centerpiece of the trailer is Deepika Padukone’s growing baby. Who is this child? Amitabh Bachchan who plays Ashwathama protects this child by calling him God, but why? What will Prabhas do if that child saves the world? What will the hero of the film do?

Three Prabhas together

Does Prabhas have a triple role in the film? Or the technology shown in the story is so advanced that it is used by Prabhas and three Prabhas are seen together. Three Prabhas i.e. three Bhairavas are seen in one scene of the trailer. The Bhairava standing in front is in a serious posture, while two more Bhairavas peeking out from behind are seen smiling and laughing comically. The truth will come out in the film itself.

What will happen in the new era?

Kamal Haasan’s role in this film was discussed for a long time. Earlier it was said that he will be a villain. But Kamal himself said that he is only for a cameo role in this film i.e. for a short time. Kamal Haasan is last seen in the trailer, but he looks very strong and heavy. Kamal Haasan tells a bespectacled man, “Fear not, a new era is coming.” Won’t the new age be seen in the first part and the next part i.e. the next part of Kalki? What will happen in the new era? who will be All these questions remain unanswered.

Why did Hero Prabhas get caught up in the matter of villains?

In the trailer, it is shown that Prabhas readily accepts the words of the bad guys. When the villain says he wants the girl, Prabhas says, “The point is, I’m the only one who can get her.” Prabhas is also asking to check his record and bragging about his strength. And in some scenes he is also seen fighting with Amitabh Bachchan. Now why the lead of the film is accepting the words of the villain, it will be known only after watching the film.


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