Children are under the influence of ghosts, even life can go… Tantrik shows fear, cheats doctor of 51 tolas of gold and 31 lakh rupees

Abdul Sohail accused of cheating doctor couple

Fraudsters have cheated a doctor couple in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal. The fraudsters told the doctor and his wife that their son was possessed by a demon. He can die anytime. Hearing this, the doctor couple got scared and at the behest of the fraudsters, they looted 51 tolas of gold and 31 lakh rupees. However, later realizing that he was cheated, he filed a police complaint. After this Bhopal police registered a case and arrested the fraudster.

A manhunt for the second fraudster is underway. Police have seized 33.3 tolas of gold from them so far. The raid operation has been intensified to recover the remaining goods. The case is from Ashoka Garden Police Station area of ​​Bhopal. According to the police, Meera Pippal, resident of 110 Old Ashoka Garden, has lodged a complaint. She said that her husband Dr. Hariram Pippal is a doctor and runs his own hospital. According to Meera, her younger son had met with three accidents recently.

Deception by deception

In such a situation his acquaintance Abdul Sohail advised him to consult a Tantrik. He said that he himself does the tantra mantra and he can solve his child’s problem. After this Sohail called his friend Faraz and then under the guise of tantric action he forced the doctor couple to keep the gold and cash kept in the house in a bag and fled from there seeing the opportunity. Realizing that she was cheated, Meera Pippal lodged a complaint at the Ashoka Garden police station.

After this, the police swung into action, set up a blockade and with the help of clues, chased the accused and nabbed them. The main accused has been identified as Abdul Sohail (35), a resident of Sonia Gandhi Colony under Aishbag police station area. He told during police interrogation that 50 tolas of gold and around Rs 31 lakh were transferred to his account from the doctor couple.

Police busy looking for another thug

He said they spent the money but kept the gold as collateral in Muthut Finance Bank. After this, the police took the accused to the bank and seized the pledged gold. Along with this, the police have also found two gold chains from the house of the accused. Now the police are busy looking for Sohail’s associate Faraz.


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