Chhattisgarh: Riots in Baloda Market, Satnami community set fire to collector’s office; Violent clashes between police and people

The Baloda Bazar collector office was burnt by people of Satnami community.

In protest, thousands of people from the Satnami community surrounded the collector’s office of Baloda Bazar in Chhattisgarh. The protest of the Satnami community became fierce after which the unruly mob set fire to the collector’s office. Meanwhile, the collector’s office, district panchayat building and tehsil office were set on fire. When the police tried to stop the protesters, they beat them. Some policemen have been injured in this fight.

The people of Satnami community, who have been angry with the administration for a long time, reached the Collector’s office on Monday to protest. Meanwhile, thousands of people had gathered. But when the matter did not settle, they broke the security cordon and entered. Unruly people of the Satnami community beat up the policemen engaged in security. Around 3-4 thousand people gathered outside the office. Meanwhile, the mob set fire to the collector’s office and also torched several administrative vehicles parked outside.

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