‘Can’t come back here and hurt there’, who’s Vijay Wadettiwar’s money on?

Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar and opposition leaders of the state have criticized the BJP and said that the policy of the BJP has always been to consume as long as it is useful and throw it away when it becomes useless. Vijay Wadettiwar further said that the condition of NCP Ajit Pawar Group has now become like this, their usefulness is over. Vijay Wadettiwar said, that is why the BJP has decided to throw people in the dustbin when their usefulness is over. Lord Ramachandra has also blessed the Bharat Aghadi in Ayodhya. Now it has to be seen how the NCP will overcome this pain. The NCP has one MP and the BJP has reached the magic figure, so it does not matter to them whether it will stay or go, but they are forced to stay because they cannot come back here and they cannot hurt there, he has targeted Praful Patel.


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