Calling Punjab a terrorist is wrong, Kulwinder Kaur had anger in her mind… Bhagwant Maan said on Kangana Ranaut’s slapping incident.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Hon

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s first statement in the case of famous actress and MP Kangana Ranaut being slapped at Chandigarh airport has come out. Kangana Ranaut was indeed slapped by CISF jawan Kulwinder Kaur at the airport.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Maan has said that the girl was angry because of previous statements made by Kangana Ranaut that led her to take such a step. However, this was not to be.

It is wrong to call entire Punjab as terrorists.

After being slapped, Kangana said that terrorism is increasing in Punjab. Bhagwant Maan said that being a big personality, it is wrong to call entire Punjab a terrorist in response to this incident. This is the same Punjab that has fed the entire country.

Even today, Punjab supplies wheat and rice to the entire country. Even today Punjabis are protecting the borders of the country. Mann said that if farmers go on strike, they are called terrorists or separatists, which is completely wrong.

What did you say about getting three seats in Punjab?

Bhagwant Ma has also reacted to getting 3 seats in the Lok Sabha elections in Punjab. Bhagwant Maan has said that our votes have increased compared to the previous elections. In 2019 we got only one seat but now we have 3 seats. Mann further said that whatever mistake may have been made, we will correct it.


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