Brought from West Bengal, tried to rape herself before driving her into prostitution… When refused, killed her.

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The police have arrested four accused in the case of the naked body of a woman being found in the forest in Rajasthan’s Jaipur about 2 years ago. While explaining the case, the police have said that the accused used to force the women into prostitution and if the woman refused, they would kill her. Not only this, the gang members used to have relationships with the women before capturing them and forcing them into prostitution. According to the police, the woman was brought to Jaipur from West Bengal for prostitution.

On June 2, 2022, a naked body of a woman was found in the bushes on the way from bus stand number 7 to Mangalam City by the side of the road, police said. The woman had several wounds on her face and body. After finding the dead body of the woman, the police have registered a case and started investigation. The police traced the entry and exit of vehicles coming and going from the link road. The vehicle that took more than average time to enter and exit was the omni van.

Being misled by a wrong number plate

The accused had used a wrong number plate on the vehicle due to which the police could not trace the name of the owner. The police chased the car and nabbed the accused through other evidence. Police have arrested Asharam Swamy, Rahul Aggarwal, Sunil Kumar and a woman Manisha alias Kanak. The accused told during police interrogation that the woman was brought to Jaipur from West Bengal for prostitution.

If you refuse to relate…

During police interrogation, the accused said that they had brought the woman for prostitution. Before that, all the three members of the gang talked about having a relationship with him. The woman refused and was killed. Woman Manisha supported the accused in this whole matter. Police said that in 2019 also, a case of rape of a woman was registered against accused Asharam Swami and Rajpal Singh. Meanwhile, both had to go to jail.


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