Brother, this one is also a fan of Modi… Leopard enters the swearing in ceremony of Modi 3.0 cabinet, watch the video

Narendra Modi has recently taken oath as Prime Minister for the third time. A grand swearing-in ceremony was organized at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday evening. 72 ministers also took oath along with Modi. More than 6,000 people including foreign guests attended the swearing-in ceremony. Not only this, an unknown guest was also seen during the event, whose video is currently going viral on social media. A barely 12-second video of Modi’s swearing-in ceremony has gone viral on social media, in which Minister Durgadas Uikey is seen signing after taking oath. At the same time, a wild animal is seen coming down the stairs from behind him. It is not clear which animal it is… but netizens are speculating that it is a wild animal leopard.


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