Blazer, glasses and black beard… you have never seen these pictures of Chhagan Bhujbal before

Chhagan Bhujbal… Senior NCP leader… Chhagan Bhujbal said that the personality with white beard, glasses on the eyes and muffler around the neck is standing in front of the eyes. But do you know the old look of Chhagan Bhujbal? Have you seen any old picture of him? Chhagan Bhujbal recently shared some old pictures and memories. In this, Chhagan Bhujbal is seen wearing a blazer. Also, in this photo, the look of Chhagan Bhujbal with glasses on the eyes and black beard can also be seen. Chhagan Bhujbal protested in disguise in 1986 when the Karnataka border issue was hot. This time too he was arrested. Chhagan Bhujbal has shared the memories of that time.

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Against Kannada forces in the border areas of Karnataka and the Belgaum-Karwar border dispute date. On 4 June 1986, I protested in Belgaum in disguise. Today marks 38 years of that. The memories of all those incidents and the movement we carried out on that occasion for the rights of Marathi brothers have been revived once again today.

After the formation of Karnataka state, hundreds of Marathi villages including Belgaum, Karwar, Nipani, Bidar, Bhalki were forced to use Kannada for many years by the Karnataka government. We have decided to oppose this hold of the Karnataka government and protest on the border issue.’

After this came to light, the Karnataka government closed all the routes coming from Maharashtra. But since I was determined to attack Belgaum at any cost, I changed my clothes and entered Belgaum via Goa. First I disguised myself as journalist Pandey and then as Dubai businessman Iqbal Sheikh. Journalist Pandey’s dress was so strange that even the then Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray and his wife Meenatai (mother) could not recognize me quickly.

After this we entered Belgaum and protested against the Karnataka government. After this we were arrested. After spending two months in Dharwad jail we were released. At this time I was accompanied by Dagdu Sakpal, Baba Pingle, Arvind Tayade, Hemant Mandlik and numerous Shiv Sainiks. Pramod Nalawade helped me in dressing up.


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