BJP will contest assembly elections leaving Shiv Sena and NCP, see who made the claim?

The Lok Sabha elections are over and now all the parties in the state are busy preparing for the assembly elections. Now it will be important to see how much space the parties involved in the Mahavikas or Mahagathbandhan leave for each other. In his speech on the first anniversary of the NCP after the split, NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal has demanded that we should get as many seats as possible for the Shidas. On Sunday, Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister for the third time. In Modi’s third cabinet, Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar were offered one minister of state post each. Shinde accepted it but Ajit Pawar refused it. Catching hold of this thread, social activist Anjali Damania has directly targeted the BJP and Ajit Pawar.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are very clever. They gave cabinet minister posts to whomever they wanted. Whether it is Shiv Sena party or Ajit Pawar faction’s NCP party, now they don’t want it in the assembly elections. The only way they had to remove them was to give them the post of Minister of State, then they will not accept it and somewhere they will get irritated. Although Shinde accepted it, Ajit Pawar did not accept it. We are ready to wait further,” Anjali Damania said, ”He gave a very strange statement.

Ajit Pawar’s condition has become so pathetic. Now in politics, BJP has brought a situation of neither home nor ghatke for him. Ajit Pawar’s future in the upcoming assembly is zero. At present, the only talk is that his people will leave. Yesterday Fadnavis said that we have set some criteria. Chirag Paswan and Kumaraswamy both had five MPs each, Kumaraswamy had three. However, seven MPs did not offer. Ajit Pawar’s current situation is like hanging. Damania has said that he can go back to Sharad Pawar and say Kaka save me but will he accept Sharad Pawar and Parmeshwar.

Meanwhile, Eknath Shinde’s Shiv Sena has won seven seats in the Lok Sabha. Ajit Pawar got one seat. Both were offered the post of Minister of State in the Union Cabinet of the NDA government. Shinde accepted the offer but Ajit Pawar has said that we will stay. Therefore, it is possible to see the political mathematics changing by the time of the assembly.


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