Bike stunts with 35 riders, 22 days of shooting, did Shah Rukh prepare like this for ‘King’?

Shah Rukh Khan’s next film

After ‘Dinky’, all the fans of Shahrukh Khan are waiting for his next film. His next film is titled ‘King’, in which his daughter Suhana Khan will be seen in the lead role. Shahrukh is also in an important role in this picture. Although the makers have not said anything about the film yet, but reports keep coming up with some updates related to the film. Now a new fan theory about this film has surfaced on social media.

Discussions have started on social media that Shah Rukh will be seen doing bike stunts in this film and will have 35 bike riders with him in that stunt. It is being said that the shooting of this film is going to start from June 16 and the first schedule of the film will be 22 days of shooting. However, let us clarify here that there is no such information officially, nor do we confirm it. Shahrukh’s fans are saying this.

When Shah Rukh talked about shooting

During the IPL match, Shah Rukh talked about the shooting of his next film. He did not reveal the name of the film, but in an interview to Star Sports, he said that the shooting of his next film is scheduled to begin in July-August. However, they are planning to start in June. A debate started after his statement that he was only talking about ‘King’.

Some time ago, citing reports, information also surfaced that Shahrukh will play the role of Suhana’s guru in the film. Earlier it was being said that Shah Rukh will be seen in a cameo role in this film, but later it was said that he will not be seen in a cameo but in a lead role.


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