Bihar: Children fainted, nosebleeds… School conditions bad due to heat.

Schools were opened in Bihar

Schools have opened in Bihar despite intense heat. Due to coming to school in this scorching heat, the health of children has deteriorated in many districts of the state. It seems that teachers are also suffering in this heat. All the heat-affected children and teachers have been admitted to the hospital. This is the situation in a dozen districts of the state including Khagaria, Banka, Jamui. One child fell ill in Khakhariya while five children fell ill in Sheikhpura and Banka.

Similarly, the health of four children in Jamui, one in Bihta of Patna and one in Buxar has deteriorated due to this heat. In which some children were given first aid on the spot. Seeing the critical condition of many children, they were admitted to the hospital. A girl suddenly fell unconscious in Buxar. When the ambulance did not arrive in time, the teachers and parents put him on a cot and rushed him to the hospital. Here, people rushed to the school and created ruckus as soon as the parents got information about the ill health of their children or teachers.

Earlier, schools were supposed to open on June 1

Let us tell you that earlier orders were given to open schools on June 1. However, orders were issued to extend the holiday by 10 days due to extreme heat at that time. Now parents say temperatures are still above 40 degrees everywhere in the state. Since there is no system to avoid the heat in any school, the decision to call the children to school all day and make them study is wrong. A girl fainted during a prayer meeting at Bakhtiarpur School in Khagaria district.

The girl fainted due to the heat in Khakhariya

Due to which there was a commotion in the school. He was immediately given first aid. As the girl’s condition improved, the teachers immediately informed her family and sent her home. Praveen Kumar, a teacher of this school, said that Pooja Kumari, a student of the sixth standard, suddenly became unconscious. He has been sent home after first aid. Many diseases have spread due to heat in Saran of Bihar. The number of patients with loose motion, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, thirst etc. has increased rapidly in hospitals due to heat stroke.

Diarrhea-vomiting cases have increased in Saran

Similarly, diarrhea-vomiting cases are also increasing in the district. Seeing the situation, doctors have advised all citizens to avoid heat and drink clean water. According to Dr. Rakesh Kumar, in-charge of the Revilgunj Community Health Center, the number of diarrhea patients has increased rapidly. Five to six dozen patients come to this hospital every day. Most of these patients are suffering from diarrhoea-vomiting.

The Meteorological Department has declared a red alert

On the other hand, the Meteorological Department has once again issued a heat and heat alert in the state. It has been said that heat wave may occur at many places in south-west and south-central parts. This situation is expected to last between June 10 to June 14. Considering the situation, the state disaster management department has also started preparations at its level. People are being advised not to step out of their homes in the afternoon. If absolutely necessary, make adequate arrangements for protection from sunlight.


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