Bigg Boss OTT 3: ‘Tirchi Topiwale’ actress to make comeback after thirty years, will be seen on Anil Kapoor’s show

Anil Kapoor is going to host ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’. Image Credit Source: Social Media

Actress Sonam Khan, who danced with Naseeruddin Shah in the famous song ‘Tirchi Topiwale’ from the film ‘Tridev’, is going to make a comeback after 30 years. But Sonam is going to make a comeback in the industry not through a film, web series or TV serial but through season 3 of Anil Kapoor’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Sonam’s last film Insaniyat was released in theaters in 1994. After this film, this beautiful Bollywood actress completely disappeared from the industry.

Sonam, who has shown her acting skills in many films like ‘Tridev’, ‘Vishwakarma’, ‘Ajuba’, decided to leave the industry years ago. Saying goodbye to the world of glamour, she shifted to Switzerland with her family. Sonam was married to Rajeev Rai, the director of the film ‘Tridev’. However, now the two have separated. Sonam, who is all set to make a comeback in the industry, is no longer interested in films. Even after Bigg Boss, she wants to work only in projects that come on OTT.

Many artists are backing off

Anil Kapoor this yearBigg Boss OTTGoing to host Season 3. It is heard that many A-lister TV actors have backed out of the show after Anil Kapoor joined the show. In fact, these actors are more eager to work in Salman Khan’s show. Recently we shared with you the news of Dolly Chaiwala getting Bigg Boss offer. Dolly also wants to join Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 18’ and not ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. But the makers are trying their best to convince her to join Anil Kapoor’s show.


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