Bid: Asa Rangla Aghadi-Piccha Tharar, Pankaja Munde-Bajrang Sonavane battle it out

Lok Sabha election results were announced on Tuesday. But some of them are extremely harsh and shocking. Maharashtra Mahavikas Aghadila Changlam Yash Milal. But Beed Lok Sabha Constituency saw Churshichi fight. The Maratha reservation factor is visible in Beed, Parbhani and Jal constituencies. Churas starts from the first round in Beed constituency. Bajrang Sonwane got 1359 votes in the first round but later Pankaja Munde formed an alliance. While crossing the ghat, the Aghadi will start following.

The situation in Beed Lok Sabha constituency continues to escalate. Due to which the candidature will also increase. There was also curiosity among the activists whether our candidate Shigela would come. This curiosity continued till the last 32 overs.

Pankaja Munde challenged Bajrang Sonavaneni and took a total of 43 thousand rupees. PAN 31 COMMERCIAL PHIRIWAR Pankaja Mundecha leads Kami Jhala. Pankaja Mudencha is ahead by just 400 votes. The noise would have increased. Bills would also be reimbursed among the workers. After 31, Bajrang Sonwane took the lead and then Pankaja Munde also joined the heart of the fun. In the 31st round, Bajrang Sonavane is leading with 688 votes. So, no matter who gets the lead among the 32 people, the target of the entire state will be affected.

In the 31st round, Bajrang Sonwane got 6,74,507 votes and Pankaja Munde got 6,73,819 votes. But sometimes Pankaja Munde prayed for Aghadiwar and sometimes Bajrang Sonwane. Each time the picture changed. But when the last round started. Then Patoda Talayatil 20 Gawani Dilala Kaul became the decider. With only two rounds of voting left, Bajrang Sonavane took a lead of two thousand votes.

1 Ferry – Banjarang Sonwane 1359 Matani Aghadiwar

2nd Ferry – Bajrang Sonwane 2349 Matani Aghadiwar

6 Ferry – Bajrang Sonvane 1387 Matani Aghadiwar

7th round – Bajrang Sonvane 203 matani Aghadiwar

10 Ferry – Pankaja Munde 11955 votes Aghadiwar

11th ferry – Pankaja Munde 2111 votes Aghadiwar

12th round – Bajrang Sonwane won by 1644 votes

13th Ferry – Bajrang Sonwane 6473 Matani Aghadiwar

15th Ferry – Pankaja Munde Aghadiwar with 3093 votes

18th Ferry – Pankaja Munde Aghadiwar of 24099 votes

19th Ferry – Pankaja Munde 24361 Matani Aghadiwar

20th Ferry – Pankaja Munde 16482 Matani Aghadiwar

21st ferry – Aghadiwar of Pankaja Munde 33623 votes

22nd Ferry – Pankaja Munde 38303 Matani Aghadiwar

23rd Ferry – Pankaja Munde 34705 Matani Aghadiwar

24th Ferry – Pankaja Munde 30461 Matani Aghadiwar

25th ferry – Aghadiwar of Pankaja Munde 22421 votes

26th ferry – Pankaja Munde 10276 votes Aghadiwar

27th ferry – Pankaja Munde 7408 votes Aghadiwar

28th round – Bajrang Sonavan won by 932 votes

29th Round – Bajrang Sonwane won by 1217 votes

30th Ferry – Bajrang Sonwane 2602 Matani Aghadiwar

31st round – Bajrang Sonwane won by 2688 votes

Repoll demand

Pankaja Munde’s representative Valmik Karad approached the Election Commission demanding re-polling in Beed and Gevrai assembly constituencies. But his demand was rejected by the election officials. After which Bajrang Sonwane was declared the winner.


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