Be careful before going to the petrol pump, while filling petrol suddenly the phone rang and the bike caught fire!

Do not use mobile phones at petrol pumps (file photo)

If you are not careful while using a mobile phone, a major accident can happen. Do not talk on mobile phone while driving, do not talk on mobile phone at petrol pump, if these precautions are not taken then danger arises. One such accident happened in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar city. A motorcyclist went to fill petrol at a petrol pump. At that time his phone rang. Due to which the bike caught fire. Fortunately, no major accident happened at the petrol pump.

something like this happened

A person was filling petrol in a two-wheeler at a petrol pump in front of Bajaj Auto Gate in Walaj area of ​​Sambhajinagar. At the same time, he suddenly received a call on his mobile. It rang. He was standing in the queue to fill petrol. During that time, an incident happened where a two-wheeler suddenly caught fire. But fortunately there was no loss of life. However, the petrol pump employees were perturbed due to the sudden fire in the car. Managing the situation, the bike riders and petrol pump employees drove the car away. The fire was extinguished immediately.

Why don’t you talk on the phone at the petrol pump?

If someone is talking on the phone at a petrol pump, the employees present there immediately ask him to put the phone down. Signs have also been put up at petrol pumps warning people not to smoke or use mobile phones. The reason behind not using mobile phones at petrol pumps is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones. Due to this electromagnetic radiation, petrol vapor ignites immediately. It can also generate current in nearby metal objects. Due to this, mobile phones cannot be used at petrol pumps.

What should be the distance between a petrol pump and a mobile phone?

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has said in this regard that how much distance should be maintained between petrol pump and mobile phone. It has been said that mobile phone should be kept at a distance of 6 meters from the petrol pump. After filling petrol and leaving the petrol pump, you can use the phone without any problem.


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