Baramatit’s defeat would have been colossal; What did Srinivas Pawar say?

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Some shockers are being fired for the Lok Sabha elections. Or the entire Maharashtra target in the election would have been affected. Or expatriate Pawar versus Pawar Asa’s pranks. Supriya Sule vs Sunetra Pawar, such a fight felt like a real fight, Ajit Pawar vs Sharad Pawar Ashich. There were many allegations and counter-allegations for prestige or fighting, Supriya Sule had the support of the entire Pawar family. Ajit Pawar claims that he alienated you by gaining sympathy. Finally, in the battle, Supriya Sule’s beloved Vijay Jhala and Ajit Pawar’s wife Sunetra Pawar suffered a crushing defeat. Or Ajit Pawar’s close brother Srinivas Pawar, who spoke in favor of the Pawar family in the entire election, or Ajit Pawar after the eviction has once again caused an uproar. Asanhi Srinivas Pawar said that Baramati is the best place for Sharad Pawar.

What did Srinivas Pawar say?

Supriya Suleena has won from Vikrami Matani Baramati Lok Sabha seat. There was such a fight between Pawar and Pawar in Baramati, but Baramati proved to be Sharad Pawar’s. Politics is different and family is different, so at family level we are one and head of our family is Sharad Pawar, Srinivasa Pawar has role in this group. By not taking Ajit Pawar’s boat, he indirectly resorted to Tolawala.

Baramtich Gad Supriya Sulenich Rakhala

Across the country, the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency in Lakshadweep saw a two-sided fight. This fight was not limited to the Pawar family. Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule won by more than one lakh votes. Ajit Pawar got a big shock after the defeat of Sunetra Pawar. Ajit Pawar’s party got only one victory in the grand alliance. Nationalist’s Sunil Tatkar won from Raigad Madhu.

If there was any fight in the Pawar family, the country would have been targeted. Mahavikas Aghadikkadu’s Supriya Sule and Mahayuthikadu’s Sunetra Pawar were the election ringleaders. During the Nanand-Bhavjay campaign, there must have been many accusations-against-accusations. The whole family supported Sharad Pawar.

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