Barabanki: ‘Neighbor posted photo on social media’… On complaint, police barged into house and beat up women.

Woman princess injured by police beating

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath promises women’s safety, on the other hand in Barabanki district police barged into a family’s house and beat up women badly. It is being said that the women of this house went to the police with a complaint of molestation. This made the police so angry that they entered the house and carried out the incident. However, Barabanki Additional SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh has dismissed the allegations of the victim’s family.

He said that the dilapidated building is being demolished and these women are obstructing the work. So legal action has been taken. The case is from Mohalla Bazar of Satrikh Nagar in Satrangi Police Station area of ​​Barabanki district. The afflicted princess said that she owns a bullion shop. Girls and women of his family also come and sit in this shop. Vijay, Deviprasad, Gulshan etc live in front of his shop.

The woman went to the police with a complaint

He stated that he has an old enmity with these people and because of this enmity Vijay, Devi Prasad and Gulshan etc. make videos of them. Not only this, the accused posts these videos and photos on social media and makes objectionable comments. He has complained about this many times in Satrik police station. Even two days ago she had complained to the police, but far from taking any action, the police were enraged after hearing this complaint.

Police said: Law and order matter

After this, the policemen forcibly entered their house and beat the women and children badly. After this incident, the condition of the victim Rajkumari Devi worsened. He was immediately admitted to the hospital. The victim’s family is very scared after this incident. On the other hand, seeing the matter gaining momentum, the police have tried to give a new twist to the incident. Police say that the police had to take action due to disruption in government work. According to Additional SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh, peace and law and order are being maintained at the scene due to police readiness.

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