Balaghat: The husband was becoming a hindrance in the relationship, the wife committed suicide with her lover

A wife gets her lover to kill her husband

Husband-wife relationship is known as one of the most sacred relationships in the world. This relationship is not of one birth but of seven births. But sometimes there are cases that put the relationship to shame. One such case has come to light from Katangi headquarters under Katangi police station in MP Balaghat. Here a wife along with her lover pushed her husband off the road.

On June 2, the dead body of Pawan Namdev, an employee of the water branch of Nagar Panchayat Katangi, who resided in Katangi, was found in the attic of his house. Injury marks were found near the neck of the deceased. After dinner on June 1, Pawan Namdev slept with his wife and niece. Meanwhile, it is not clear when and how he reached the roof.

The niece saw the body on the terrace

But on the morning of June 2, when the 9-year-old niece went to the terrace, she saw her uncle Pawan falling on the terrace. He immediately informed his father about this. When the family arrived, they found Pawan dead. The police took possession of the body and started the investigation after conducting the post-mortem. The investigation revealed the suspicious role of the wife of the deceased, due to which the police took the wife Sarita Namdev into custody and interrogated her.

Had an illicit relationship with his wife

During interrogation, the wife disclosed the entire matter. The accused wife said that she had started a love affair on Facebook with Imtiaz Alam, a youth from Bihar. After this she called her lover Imtiaz Alam to Katangi. Premi was living in a rented room in Katangi for eight months. The accused girlfriend used to pay her rent herself.

Husband killed by lover

The incident took place on the night between June 1 and 2 when wife Sarita killed her husband Pawan Namdev by calling her lover Imtiaz Alam. The police have arrested the wife Sarita Namdev after explaining the murder. Accused lover Imtiaz and his accomplice Aslam are said to be absconding and are being searched for. The special thing is that Sarita and Pawan also got married 15 years ago in a love relationship. Surprisingly, when the same wife fell in love again, she killed her husband.

(Report- Pankaj Daharwal/Balaghat)


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