Anjali Damania x Ajit Pawar war, Damania’s reply to Ajitdad’s challenge

The case of the accident in Kalyaninagar, Pune is leading to politics. There is a round of allegations and counter-allegations. Two people died in this accident. Pune’s guardian minister Ajit Pawar seemed to be away from this matter. But for the last two days, a ‘war of words’ is going on between social activist Anjali Damania and Ajit Pawar in this matter. Damania demanded a narco test of Ajit Pawar. Ajit Pawar responded to this. He said, “I am preparing for a narco test. If nothing is found in that test, then there is no possibility of Anjali Damania coming forward again. He would sit quietly at home and take sanyaas. Now Anjali Damania responded to this.

Anjali Damania has asked Ajit Pawar to undergo a narco test as soon as possible. I accept your challenge. Tell me what will you do if you are found guilty for this? If you are not found guilty, then as per your demand, I will stay at home. I will not do any social work. I will retire. But I am going to give the questionnaire for your narco test.


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