Amazing! Jewelery worth Rs 300 sold for Rs 6 crore, American tourist cheated in Jaipur

The misdeeds of the accused jewelers were caught on CCTV.

A case of cheating a foreign woman of Rs 6 crore by selling fake jewelery has come to light in the capital Jaipur. The jeweler father-son also gave a forged certificate of gold polish on a silver chain and a mozonite stone worth Rs 300 as diamonds worth lakhs of rupees. The police have arrested the accused who gave the fake certificate. A look out notice has been issued against the absconding jeweler father-son.

A recent incident has thrown the entire Jaipur bullion market into a frenzy. Here, a father and son pair of jewelers duped an American woman and sold fake jewelery worth six crores. Not only this, fake certificates of fake jewelery were also handed over. When the truth comes out, the sinful father and son conspire to trap the foreign woman, but when the police arrive, it is discovered that the father and son have cheated on the foreign woman together.

Two years ago, a woman named Cherish Naurate, a resident of the USA, bought jewelery worth six crores from Rama Rhodium, Shop No. 1009, Gopalji Ka Road, Jaipur. He had gone to USA with jewellery. He set up a stall at the exhibition there. In the meantime she realizes that her jewelry is fake. Hearing this, his senses flew away. He returned to Jaipur a month ago to file a complaint. He complained about the fake jewelery at Rama Rhodium, a jeweler’s shop, but instead got into an argument with the foreign woman, the jeweler Gaurav Soni.

The foreign woman lodged an FIR against the accused jewellers

After this, foreign woman Cherish Naurat got the jewelery authorized elsewhere and there too it was found to be fake. Cherish informed her embassy about the fraud and then lodged an FIR against jeweler Rajendra Soni and his son Gaurav Soni at the Manak Chowk police station. Meanwhile, the jewelers also lodged a false complaint of robbery against the foreign woman, but the police investigated the jewelery and found out that fake jewelery had been sold.

Additional DCP informed the case

Additional DCP Bajrang Singh Shekhawat said that the diamond bought by the foreign woman had moshnite stone instead of diamond. The amount of gold in the jewelery which should have been 14 carats turned out to be only two carats. When the woman quarreled with the jewelers and asked to file a complaint at the police station, jewelers Rajendra and Gaurav tried to forcibly stop the woman, which was captured on the shop’s CCTV.

Instead the blame was placed on the foreign woman

CCTV footage of the same dispute was seen in which the jewelers produced weapons and filed a complaint at the police station against the woman who ran away with the jewellery. When the police investigated, the case turned out to be wrong. In the meantime, both father and son ran away seeing the opportunity. Now the police have arrested Nandkishore who gave fake hallmark certificate. A look out notice has been issued against the main accused Rajendra Soni and Gaurav Soni.

4 more complaints have been received against the accused jewellers

After the foreign woman’s complaint, the police received four more complaints, accusing Gaurav Soni and Rajendra Soni of cheating them into crores. The police investigation also revealed that the jewelers had fraudulently purchased a flat worth Rs 3 crore in Jaipur. Police are conducting raids in search of absconding father and son.

Additional DCP Bajrang Singh said that Cherish Naurat, who lives in the USA, lodged a report at the Manak Chowk police station on May 18. She was in touch with jewelers Rajendra Soni and Gaurav Soni for the last two years i.e. from the year 2022. Cherish Jeweler was doing business in USA by buying gem studded jewelery from father and son.

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