Ajit Pawar on Ajit Pawar

Leader of Opposition and Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar has made a shocking revelation that Ajit Pawar would have left the Mahagathbandhan if Modi government had not come to power at the Centre. Further Vijay Wadettiwar also said that all kinds of inquiries against Ajitdada have been stopped. Praful Patel’s ED case has been closed, the same has happened with Chhagan Bhujbal. Vijay Wadettiwar has also joked that if they go to power and file their case and come back, then this is a new idea. The situation in the state is such that the 40 MLAs who went with Ajitdada and Eknath Shinde will return home within the next month. It is learned that he is contacting the MLA. Vijay Wadettiwar also said that the exact facts are not known, but there is a strong discussion going on in this regard.


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