Ajay Devgan was disturbed on his honeymoon with Kajol, the memories of which began to haunt him

Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s Honeymoon Story

Bollywood couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s love story is being discussed every day. Fans of this couple also love to hear stories related to their love story. Ajay and Kajol’s love story started in 1995 on the sets of the film Gundaraj. Seeing the pair as a couple was a surprise for everyone. In 1999, Ajay-Kajol decided to get married. Even today this couple is living their life happily.

But few people know that after the wedding, when Ajay and Kajol went on honeymoon, they had to return home soon. The main reason for this was Ajay who missed one thing a lot on the honeymoon. Kajol herself revealed this during an old interview she gave to Curly Tales. According to the actress, she had planned to go on honeymoon for 2 months. Before marrying Ajay, she also asked him the question whether he would marry her.

Then Ajay who was head over heels in love with Kajol also agreed. But when he went on honeymoon, within a few days he fell ill and had to return home. Ajay was missing his home a lot on honeymoon. He became homesick. However, then Kajol also said that this honeymoon was a test for Ajay.

Kajol said- Do you really want to marry me? tell me. If you really want to marry me, you’ll take me on a honeymoon. Ajay said ‘ok baby’ but he was tired at the end of the honeymoon. By the end of it he felt very homesick. After 40 days he felt ‘I am tired, I have a fever.’ He came home sick! So I said, ‘Okay, we can go back now.’


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