After almost ten years, Congress will get the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, see why this post was vacant for two terms.

The swearing-in ceremony of the ministers of Narendra Modi 3.0 RLSP government took place yesterday. This year Narendra Modi will have to make special efforts for the stability of his government. Interestingly, the Congress-led All India Alliance has also got a good number of seats this time. The unity of the opposition parties is also intact in the 18th Lok Sabha, the post of Leader of Opposition in the Lower House will also be vacant after 10 years. The opposition parties hope that elections will be held soon for the post of Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. This post is also vacant for the last five years.

There was no post of Vice President during the entire tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha. Apart from this, the post of Leader of Opposition in the Lower House was also denied for the second consecutive time. In such a situation, now everyone’s eyes are fixed on who will be the leader of the opposition in the lower house. The opposition party hopes that soon they will get two posts of Leader of Opposition and a Deputy Speaker. After the results, a meeting of the Congress Working Committee has been held recently. In this meeting, the proposal has been approved that Rahul Gandhi should accept the post of Leader of Opposition in the House. But Rahul Gandhi has said that we will take a decision on this proposal. Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi has been unanimously elected as the President of the Parliamentary Party.

Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker will also be elected

Usually the post of Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is given to the opposition party. But the Congress-led Bharat Coalition has not held any coordination meeting in this regard so far. Talking to news agency PTI, a leader of the opposition party said that we will put pressure on the government so that this post does not remain vacant.

A Trinamool Congress leader has said that the BJP government has not elected any deputy speaker in the last five years. This leader said that it is expected that elections for the post of Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha will be held this year.

The position becomes vacant…

The post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha has been vacant for the last ten years. Congress won 44 seats in 2014 and 52 seats in 2019. Even though Congress got the second highest number of seats after BJP, Congress was not given the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha.

To become the leader of the opposition, any party has to win ten percent of the total seats in the Lok Sabha. That means currently there are 543 Lok Sabha seats. Therefore, it is necessary to elect 54 MPs.

52 Congress MPs were elected in the 17th Lok Sabha. Due to the reduction of two seats, Congress lost the post of Leader of Opposition. This year Congress has performed well and has elected 99 MPs on its own. In such a situation, this year Congress has got a chance to get the respectable seat of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.

Why is the post of Leader of the Opposition important?

The post of Leader of Opposition is very important in democracy. This post is highly respected in the Lok Sabha. This post has the status of a cabinet minister. A good opposition leader works to keep the government under control by talking about the government’s plans. There is also a red light car for this post. The Leader of Opposition is involved in the selection process of the Director of CBI-ED and other central investigative agencies, as well as in this selection committee, advice is also taken for the post of Leader of Opposition. The Congress Working Committee has suggested the name of Rahul Gandhi for this post this year.


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