After 12 years of divorce, husband and wife saw each other fell in love, got married again.

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In a wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur, a divorced husband and wife met after 12 years of separation. Both kept staring at each other. Tears started flowing from both eyes. met each other Talked and exchanged phone numbers. Went home again at night and resolved our grievances. Married again a week later. This is a unique case of Umarta village in Ajimnagar police station area.

Officer Ali, who lives here, got married in Rampur in 2004. After marriage, they had three daughters and one son. But after eight years of marriage, quarrels started between husband and wife. The matter escalated to the point of divorce. After the panchayat in 2012, the husband and wife divorced each other. After the divorce, the wife took a daughter with her. The remaining three children stayed with their father.

During this period, the husband and wife and their children did not even try to contact each other. Ten days ago, husband Officer Ali went to a marriage function in Rampur. There the divorced husband and wife came face to face. Both of them stared at each other for a long time and then tears began to fall from both of their eyes. The divorced husband and wife stood facing each other and began to cry. Crowds of people gathered around seeing both of them crying. People convinced both of them and made them sit on the chair.

Four siblings also reunited

For almost an hour both of them stared at each other without speaking and without wiping away their tears. After a while, both took each other’s phone numbers and went to their respective homes. After this, the divorced husband and wife kept arguing over the phone. The two got married again on June 8. The happiness of the children was visible when the husband and wife reached home together. After 12 years a sudden event brought together the four sisters and brothers along with the husband and wife. Everyone is praising the divorced husband and wife who remarried after 12 years and come home.


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