Adani suffers record loss due to election results and loses Rs 3.64 lakh crore

There was a drop in the shares of the Adani Group on Tuesday.

Exit polls, stock market and rise in Adani shares. These things have 24 hours. The new news is that after the election results, Adani Group has suffered record losses. The shares of the 10 companies in the group have fallen. Due to which, the group may suffer a loss of Rs 3.64 lakh crore in market capitalization. Either Adani Port or Adani Energy. You can also take Adani Enterprises here. In which a decrease of 19 to 21 percent has been seen. What is special is that many shares of Adani Group were trading near the lower circuit. Let’s see what kind of numbers are being seen in Adani Group shares after the stock market closes.

Big drop in Adani shares

At the end of trading, shares of Adani Ports fell by 21.26 percent, Adani Energy Solutions by 20 percent, the group’s flagship company Adani Enterprises by 19.35 percent and Adani Green Energy by 19.20. percent. Adani Total Gas fell by 18.88 per cent, NDTV by 18.52 per cent, Adani Power by 17.27 per cent and Ambuja Cement fell by 16.88 per cent. While ACC shares fell 14.71 percent and Adani Wilmar fell 9.98 percent. During the negotiation, eight out of 10 companies in the group had reached the lower circuit.

Shares fell 25 percent

Adani Enterprises had reached the lower circuit of 25 per cent during operations. At the same time, Adani Ports fell 25 per cent and Ambuja Cements fell 22.5 per cent and hit the circuit low. Adani Power fell by 20 percent and Adani Energy fell by 20 percent and reached the lower limit of the circuit. Adani Green fell 20 percent and Adani Total Gas fell 19.89 percent. While NDTV fell by 19.98 per cent and ACC hit the circuit low with a fall of 19.69 per cent. Shares of Adani Wilmar also fell to the lowest level in the circuit with a fall of 10 per cent.

big loss for adani

The market capitalization of 10 listed companies of the Adani Group has decreased from Rs 3,64,366.12 crore to Rs 15,78,346.79 crore. While on Monday the market capitalization of the group’s listed companies was Rs 19,42,712.91 crore. What is special is that a day ago there was an increase of more than Rs 1.50 lakh crore in the market capitalization of the group. During the trading session, the group’s market capitalization even crossed Rs 20 lakh crore. But today no one was prepared for such a big market drop. After the exit poll data came out, everyone assumed that the BJP would easily form the government on its own. But till late in the afternoon the figure of 300 NDA seats was not even visible.


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